The best free and open source screenshot tool for Windows

But manually turning off your computer by hitting the power button can damage your computer. Instead of waiting for the application to respond, here’s how to force quit applications on a Windows 10 PC in three ways. A smart maintenance app like CleanMyMac X has a problem of force quit on Mac covered. You can easily force quit program on your Mac with an Optimization utility. It has a special Hung Applications tool that allows to identify and fix the unresponsive app right away. Activity Monitor displays open programs on your Mac, as well as detailed information about them, including CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage, and energy impact.

Launch Microsoft Edge and open the web page that you want to take a screenshot of to use this feature. Click on the “three-dot (…)” icon at the top right of Microsoft Edge. After hitting the keyboard shortcut Windows+Shift+S, press the “Esc” key to cancel the screenshot process if you change your mind.

Clicking on Update and Security will take you to the other options where you have to click on “Recovery” in the left pane. The “Recovery” page has three options, two of which we’ll be looking at here. How-To Backblaze Cloud Backup Review – Updated 2021 Backing up your data to the cloud via an automated service is critical. I finally gave up and had to get a new computer. I bought a Mac and I’m hoping for a better experience than with the windows based computer. Im having the same issue but my computer never prompt me about having any viruses.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen in Windows 10

It can retrieve all kinds of data lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, resetting the system, malware attack, etc. Here you’ll see multiple options that can vary depending on whether you upgraded from Windows 8 or bought a laptop that came with Windows 10. Keep my files will allow you to keep your documents. Remove everything will remove your documents and uninstall all programs, including those pre-installed by Toshiba. If you choose to remove everything, you might be given the choice of resetting all drives and partitions or resetting only the one on which Windows is installed. You may also see Reset factory settings, which resets the computer to the way it was when you bought it.

  • Microsoft says this change allows it to greatly improve and enhance the security of the OS.
  • You don’t need access to Recovery Console, but the Repair Install.
  • If you take multiple screenshots, each will be automatically labeled with a number.

To activate it, go to the Action Center, click on the “Night Light” button and enjoy the change. In addition, the process can be done through the system settings, in the “Screen” part. There, it is also possible to change the intensity of the red light that will be transmitted.

How to Reset Windows

An operating system or BIOS update may help fix the problem, and you should always make sure that third-party apps stay updated, too. On the other hand, if a recent update started causing your freezing issues, it may be time to roll back to a previous version of the OS. There are several ways to “force quit” a program in Windows. On the next screen, right click the program highlighted for you and select “End process tree.”

The Pro price is very reasonable and you can test it out with a 10-day free trial. Just note that during this period, your videos will have watermarks and here you won’t have technical support. While that article has a full list a 12 tools, here is a preview of the top ones.

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